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When it comes to the mobile gaming industry, there are only two key gaming platforms which compete with each other - the Android and iOS devices. There are several factors which contribute on android vs iOS casino apps rivalry. Most of these factors are centered on the platforms' gaming hardware, regulations, game selections, and their individual gaming experience. Both platforms share their own advantages and disadvantages in the mobile gaming industry. These include the following:

Hardware or product interface

Android and iOS devices differ a lot on their physical interfaces. Android devices boast that their screens are larger compared to the iOS devices'. This comparison is somehow true based on the current screen sizes of both devices.

When it comes to gaming, devices with larger screens entice more players because these project larger images and details of the mobile games. Several games, primarily slot machines, appear smaller on iOS screens than that of the Android devices.


Both platforms exhibit crisp and smooth gameplays when used to access mobile casino apps. They also provide its players with an exceptional gaming audio and easier gameplays. However, there are several player accounts regarding the lag issues on several Android devices on several mobile games.

Some users also regarded that iOS devices are more stable, smoother, and more responsive compared with Android devices. Nevertheless, these lag issues on Android devices minimally affect its players.

Active online gaming sites

In terms of the available gaming sites for each platform, iOS devices provide more game options than Android devices. Most of the online casino games available in the market are compatible and are readily available to be downloaded with iOS devices. These games usually range from sportsbooks, poker games, and slot machine options.


Generally, iOS devices are a lot more expensive than Android devices. Investing on a more expensive device for mobile gaming is somehow impractical. However, iOS devices provide its users a crispier and more detailed gaming experience based on its players accounts.

Nevertheless, both Android and iOS devices provide its players with a notable and a one-of-a-kind mobile casino experience. This 2016, the said platforms promise its users a wide array of available mobile game selections in their platforms, which also have exceptional in-game bonuses and promotions.